There are a few ways to get into Small Engine Rats. One is to
know a team leader or upper class member. You can sign the
agreement with them and bring it in. These upper members and
team leaders can issue you a members card. However you are under
there race teams and any bad actions by you will also fall on there team.

If you wish to join on your own as a spectator, Non team racer or start your own
team. You can sign the agreement and get it to us in various ways. Bring it in
mail it in or email it. It will take up to two weeks for us to make a decision.
Things that will help your case some is to join our facebook page and message us.
We may have a few simple questions that can help.

Membership App

Club legal Agreement

Team leader Overview

Team leaders are able to give memberships to drivers and
any friends or family under there team name.

Anyone that wants to race will need a racer membership.
Rookie and amateur memberships may be set up by Team Leaders.
We have five race levels at this time. Youth, Rookie,Amateur,Pro and legends.

Youth that are good racers may upgrade to Rookie.

Racers will need to show good race and club character plus skills
to make there case to get more advance license. A racer does not
have to join as a team or be part of a team. However we are focused
on a team based racing with teams that have a few Karts in each class.

If a racer wished to and they own all the right "karts" they may enter all the
classes they wish to on the same event day. Just don't expect much downtime to rest.
Race membership Levels

Basic members can enter events but are not allowed to race.
Commonly used for pit crew team helpers or friends and family
just wanting to hang out and support there favorite teams.

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