Rules for this class have been pulled for now
We have some changes coming to this class and we must
wait to settle on our build rules before anyone can start a build.

Pro rats will be custom built Rat's that will run the "big block" 420 clones with stage 1 or 2 mods. Updated class rules will be out soon.

Wild Rats 212 class build rules

Wild rats 212 rules will be updated very soon and posted here again.
We are working on a split up of the Wild rat class into two classes.

factory Kart is for larger single seat factory karts or custom builds.
This class runs 212cc Clone engines as total Box stock with a top speed
of 25 MPH set as a class rule.We allow various styles of custom builds that
are with in class rules and spec.A great budget class for anyone to race in.

Factory Kart 212

This class is age restricted for 13 and younger unless there
is a reason for a older driver to be able to race in this class.
The rules for this class are not yet set however this class
will race with the 70-90cc motors.The build or type of karts
are still in question until further test and study is done.

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