Small Engine Rats Race Club is a private small engine enthusiast club.
We build, show and race custom built Go karts in various styles such as
Rat-Rods.Our events are all private for club members only and held on
private land.We do however have videos for outsiders to look into our events.

To enter a event you must be a club member. To become a memeber you need
a team leader or club leader to sigh you up. You can also fill out all the paper work.
and drop it by ,mail it in or email it in. It may take up to two weeks for a decision
to be made. You can not drop in the day of a event and expect to come in that day.

Our main goal with Small Engine Rats is to stay a small private group.
Focused on small engine racing that does not get out of hand.
We want each class to stay fairly cheap and offer high rewards for
our members.The club does not work for profits. All money the club
receives is used back into the club. Money is split into various areas
Such as repairs,improvements,Paying staff and track helpers and more.
Our main focus is Safety,fun and to not get out of hand. It's easy in racing to push things
which push the cost and dangers up. We will have some various
classes for various driver skills. We may even move up into some
v-8 little Rat rods in the future. This would be a class with just a set
amount of high skilled drivers behind the wheel.

Were really no more than a advance version of some backyard
racing of friends and family.We look to grow however we plan to limit our growth.

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